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Mr. Pretzel Nut Man & Veggie Boy!


a) Draw an illustration to promote a snack item with a hard pretzel on the outside and a cheesy center.

b) Draw an illustration to promote a lactose free cheese stick with kids as the target.



a) Introducing Mr. Pretzel Nut Man! The illustration was conceived through the idea that he's always on the go and always stays fit. Out of his fit persona, the charis always drawn in motion, happy and healthy. Used on packaging and in promotional materials for the product, Mr. Pretzel Nut Man was a big hit with kids.


b) Veggie Boy was originally drawn in the early 90's to promote Wild Strings, a lactose free cheese alternative mozzarella stick with limited success. He was reintroduced in 2012 with a new trendy haircut and shades to appeal to a modern generation of kids. Grocery stores nationwide stocked the healthy treat, but without the "string cheese" effect, sales were limited.

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