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Educated at a liberal arts college in Winter Park, Florida, I received a B.A. in English while earning a scholarship in fine art. Through the scholarship, I learned to appreciate the history of art and began combining my artwork with digital design tools. After taking various internships to learn the business of advertising, I won my first job designing a menu for a local sports bar. Over the years as a freelance artist, I dabbled in creating logos, print ads and outdoor media, accepting jobs for local restaurants, local small businesses and resorts. Drawn to the natural foods industry, I immersed myself into packaging design and advertising as Galaxy Nutritional Food's Art Director. After 20 years of being challenged by new product introductions and supporting the Veggie (GO Veggie!) brand, I moved out west to discover new opportunities. Joining SRS Acquiom provided the inspiration I needed to expand my marketing and communication skills to the financial industry to revamp an aspiring company's brand message and story.




I'm an art director and marketing professional with a variety of CPG experience ranging from beautiful and functional package designs, and stunning logos to effective direct mail and point of purchase displays. I have 15 years experience in annual reporting, and over 20 years experience with strategic advertising campaigns and brand strategy. This past year, writing and creating infographics became my focus. I brought life to financial themes so they would relate to a broader audience. The totality of my work focuses on solving problems, creating stories, and making graphics and content more engaging.




  • Created the first vegetarian cheese alternative product packaging, Veggie Slices®, for mainstream grocery and natural foods retail stores.

  • Won national design award for Kroger's "Vegetarian Market" concept.

  • Designed and translated packaging for over 10 export countries including Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom and Israel.

  • Created #3 best selling Organic Cheese packaging, called Wholesome Valley Organic®




"Each new day is a chance to design your own life.​"



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